The presentation of the copying and expression of an essay

The plan: order, coherence and progression

It is important, especially in an essay, order reflection: the qualities of a good plan are first logical qualities for the implementation of reasoning. Your plan should lead the reader to understand demonstrative logic behind your thinking is based: it is necessary to structure the task in a logical progression that always goes at least to most important. It is thus necessary from the most general ideas or more obvious to deepen: an essay obeys effect a purpose which can be summarized as follows: “? From where I went To achieve that ” This principle of consistency is especially important that the dissertation is based on a demonstrative logic. Also consider opposing points of view, text them: this is how you enrich your reasoning, you nuancerez your standpoints. Avoid as much as possible the opinions sliced ​​too, do not forget that this is an issue to consider. Confront not necessarily mean opposition, but simply compare, that is to say in relation to several approaches in a spirit of intellectual curiosity and tolerance. As fewer and fewer candidates who are thinking about using the interro -negative or concessive phrases: this is a shame because they offer the advantage of some subtly nuanced positions:

” Would it be no wonder if poetry has an aesthetic function? Did she not also a social role to play in society? ” ( interronégative turn )

“If we can not deny the aesthetic function of poetry, it is important however to emphasize its political role in society…” ( concessive turn )

Dissertation writing: Making a Memory Map

Memory Map

Terms of memory can greatly change during the study, it is therefore preferable to work on this methodological grid that setting too early in terms of memory. It is good however to position the major joints.
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The memory map must be composed:

The introduction should contain the subject, the object, the problem clearly stated and memory map showing how will develop reflection. Each part of the memory is introduced by a short paragraph explaining the contents of the connection, the specific part and questioning is closed by a short conclusion for transition to the next part. The conclusion shows the hypothesis, renders the whole process and collection intermediaries conclusions to mount how the problems were resolved. One look is then focused on the results (positive or not does not matter ) on the importance of research and suites that could be made in the study. Enlargement may be proposed. Pages that contain a lot of data (interviews, simulations, listings, etc…) should not be included in the main memory and must be placed in the appendix. The body of the memory is the place of reflection, analysis and not the exposure of kilometers of data collected.

Bibliography and bibliography memory

A bibliography may be made at the start of memory to assist in its implementation. The bibliography of memory is presented in alphabetical order of authors’ names. If it is very long, it can be classified by topics. Within the sections, we find the alphabetically by authors.

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