The presentation of the copying and expression of an essay

The plan: order, coherence and progression

It is important, especially in an essay, order reflection: the qualities of a good plan are first logical qualities for the implementation of reasoning. Your plan should lead the reader to understand demonstrative logic behind your thinking is based: it is necessary to structure the task in a logical progression that always goes at least to most important. It is thus necessary from the most general ideas or more obvious to deepen: an essay obeys effect a purpose which can be summarized as follows: “? From where I went To achieve that ” This principle of consistency is especially important that the dissertation is based on a demonstrative logic. Also consider opposing points of view, text them: this is how you enrich your reasoning, you nuancerez your standpoints. Avoid as much as possible the opinions sliced ​​too, do not forget that this is an issue to consider. Confront not necessarily mean opposition, but simply compare, that is to say in relation to several approaches in a spirit of intellectual curiosity and tolerance. As fewer and fewer candidates who are thinking about using the interro -negative or concessive phrases: this is a shame because they offer the advantage of some subtly nuanced positions:

” Would it be no wonder if poetry has an aesthetic function? Did she not also a social role to play in society? ” ( interronégative turn )

“If we can not deny the aesthetic function of poetry, it is important however to emphasize its political role in society…” ( concessive turn )