Proofreading, layout and typing documents

Looking for a quick and effective assistant for freelance proofreading, layout and typing your documents? Did you know that télésecrétaire can help you by providing you with customized solutions at very competitive prices, both in the framework of a specific workload that you – or your secretary – not sure treat for meet weekly or monthly needs.

The benefits of outsourcing secretarial work

Use the services of an assistant remote typing your work has many advantages, which are worth recalling :

You optimize your operation : by outsourcing tasks that are difficult, you find time for you to invest on projects that are important to you heart,

You save unnecessary effort: you do not waste your valuable time to do and redo the layout of the letter, report or formatting your newsletter. Your télésecrétaire realizes this work faster at a lower cost.

You project a professional image: with the rise of the Internet and the need to regularly produce quality content to gain online visibility, respect for typographical, grammatical, spelling and syntax rules should no longer be neglected. A télésecrétaire has the skills and know-how to help you in this context.

Rates proofreading / correction touch typing and formatting documents

Pricing is established in general on the number of characters typed. Specifically, a letter approximately 800-1 000 characters and page 2500 characters (without spaces). In addition, customized quote that is addressed you take into account the urgency and volume of work that you wish to give your secretary remotely.